Why Does Combining Solar Energy and Geothermal Energy makes Sense?

Geothermal heating and cooling is so efficient, it reduces the energy consumption of your home or business by up to 60%.  Not only does it reduce your heating and cooling costs but it also provides free hot water as a consequence of the heating/cooling cycles.
With the home or business electric demand reduced, the solar or photovoltaic footprint is smaller because of the smaller home electric demand and so less solar panels are required.   Solar panels and array construction are costly, so by reducing the solar array size you can save significantly on costr and footprint.  With the smaller solar footprint you have more options as to its location, roof or ground mount.
Combining Solar and Geothermal Energy can reduce initial investment by up to 35% compared with an ONLY Solar solution
Solar Production Equals Electric Savings
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Why is the time right to consider different types of energy?
There are four major factors that should affect your decision on selecting
renewable energy;
  • Financial Opportunity
  • Comfort and Lifestyle
  • Population and Pollution
  • Demand and Supply
Each of these factors vary to some degree with moments in time but there is a single underlying trend as demand increases for hydrocarbon based fuels both supply and lifestyle will be impacted due to costs and pollution.
Financial Opportunity
Comfort, Lifestyle Through Energy Independence
Many people save money on their power bills by lowering thome and business temperatures in the winter and raising them in the summer thus impacting their comfort.   Instead consider this, if you knew your power was virtually free would you make your living more comfortable knowing you do not need to pay for your comfort?

Assessing your living style and matching renewable energy to meet your life style needs will give you piece of mind that you are your now energy independent with no worries about future bills or price hikes.   Live the comfortable life without the cost!
Pollution and Population Are Exploding!
Take a look at the movie below, this may cause you to  reflect for a moment!
Now exceeds 7 Billion and climbing
Supply & Demand
In Summary

Energy Independence, using types of energy like solar and geothermal energy that are green energy sources, is the only way to financial security from the impending ravages of energy rate hikes.

I have installed both of these types of energy and now my energy bills are less than a tenth of what I was originally paying at an installation price 35% lower than using a solar energy only solution.   Both geothermal energy efficiency and solar energy now give me a recurring income.  Watch the videos below to see what it means to install both solar energy and geothermal energy systems.    These videos are extremely informative and allow you to see first hand what it takes to integrate these types of energy.

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